Parametrs error execute query

Hello! I did this:
Build DT
Set this DT in parametrs for execute query

Use this parametr

But I have error: “Execute Query: The table type parameter ‘table’ must have a valid type name.”

What’s wrong?


Your table name @table is going as string and not variable/

I don’t understand. What change?
Help me, pleaseee

You are referencing a @table as string , this reference will not work.
@table is datatable in Uipath and not in your database. If you want to use it, either get datatable from database and compare it with your dt or else send your dt into database and use this query

I can get this DT from execute.

And what’s next?

Now you can use group by using linq query.

If you can help me with your query i can write it down for you.

Otherwise just for ex.

(from dr as datarow in dt where dr.item(“columnname”).tostring=“Example” select dr).copytodatatable

My DT from first query -DT1
My query - “USE " + SQLDB + " select firsrst, second,third from @table r group by r.third”


Instead of @table, Try with table only

Hope this helps


Not work, Same error.
Could you share xml file with me, please?

Could you share with file or scrin, please?


Please share your xml. will amend changes to that.

test.xaml (5.8 KB)

Do you know it?

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I think, i don’t.

@supermanPunch can you help ?

@RPA3 Can you please explain what Output are you trying to get ? :sweat_smile:
What are you trying to do or What are the operations you have performed till now ?

What should this query do according to you ?

Thank you for tagging me in @Lakshay_Verma

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" first, second, third" - only for you.

I put my process

It does not matter. My request is correct. But I can’t connect them.

I get DT from the first request.

Next I want to add it to the second request

@RPA3 The reason I am asking this is to find another work around for your operation. And as far as I know, we cannot pass datatable type values into SQL query, we can pass other primitive variable types like String, Integer, Double, DateTime but I’m not sure if a Datatable is possible and hence you might be getting the Error “Execute Query: The table type parameter ‘table’ must have a valid type name”

What I can do?:frowning: