Use of ssh run shell command


I want to run shell command which is ends with.(.sh)
I need sample example how to run this command using ssh run shell command activity.
Please help with this

Thanks in advance.

Hi @sayalib

Are you trying to run powershell script ??


check below thread for your reference

Hope this will help you


Hi @sayalib I’ve been working with shell scripts (.sh) for many more years than RPA but in most cases in Unix / Linux systems. There are some workarounds in order to enable the execution of shell scripts in windows but I don’t recommend them.
In case you need to run this shell in a windows system I recommend “translating” it to a UiPath Studio process and you will have a much more robust process and easy to maintain. I you have doubts about interpreting shell you may use this forum and we can help you.

But if your case is, that you need to “trigger” the execution of a shell script residing in a Unix/Linux system from a UiPath process, you may use this package: UiPathTeam.SSHConnector.Activities in order to connect and remotely execute sh scripts:


Activities available in the package:

Hope it helps!