How to windows command through Uipath?


I am executing this command in windows

C:\Users\UiPath>curl -x http://7776114-res-country-US:1v3bu7n229@

As a result I am getting a bunch of data.

How can I reproduce this command line within UiPath and save the data into a variable using the powershell or http request activities

Many thanks


Thank you for your reply but I am a novice, I dont know how to use this stuff, can you help further ?

thank you

Hi @kaiji_San,

If it is PowerShell command use “Invoke Power Shell” activity.



Thank you for your reply

at least activate isScript

I need proper instruction sir. I am going nowhere with your stuff.

So Just Use the Chance and have a closer Look on the activities

E.g when invoke Powershell Activity hast an isScript Option and IT IS mentioned, to get enabled

With isSript enabled, with the same command line I ran on windows command, i am still getting this error

Nothing ? thats what I thought from the beginning…

You should be using this activity: