Use of RPA

I am currently working for a company where a I am working as a UiPath trainee.I am learning from UiPath academy.Now my seniors wants to know:

Where should I use RPA in business world?
What kind of job or task we have to perform?
What should we say to client about UiPath?

Hi @ImPratham45,

This page will help you.


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Thank you @balupad14 for the reply , are you working as a RPA developer?

Yes . I am working RPA also.


Hello sir @balupad14 ,
Can you explain what kind of work you are doing in company?
Please explain one of your project that you done in your company.

Hi @ImPratham45,

We may discuss technically .


But how sir?

Man, your questions are for one 2 or 3 hours meeting, because your questions have many sub-questions.

Lets say like this, your company have some repetitive task, as in Help Desk , employees are doing same thing over and over again everyday. Everyday you have some reports to do, everyday, you need to update some values, everyday you receive emails, and with some keywords, you perform same task, every time. Every process that is strictly defined that you know exactly what to do, you can automate.
1 employee = 1 Grow salary per month
1 process done by 4 employees everyday in 2 hours
that is 1 employee per day, so you will save 1 grow salary per month with one process, and that employee can do something else. If growth salary is 3000e and you have similar 10 processes that is 3000x12 months x 10 processes, saving per year is 3000x12*x10= 360 000e
And you have employees that can work something else. So lets say that you automate HR, HR Employees can spend more time on HR, finding best candidate or making work place better, they wont have to fill those reports, and re-type many stuff that they currently do.
Is that enough?


Thank you sir.
Can you share any project that you have done which is useful for me so that I can explain it to my seniors…

See here

Thank you Sir:blush:

Is there any way to contact you for any queries?

I believe that no one can share their project since we all work in companies that we have confidential stuff. But you can check UiPath webinars.

And also you can go on YouTube and see what people was working on.

There is also., RPA challenge that you can check out, and with this info, you can see where does that fit in your company.

If you are scripter, there is nothing for you to do, your company should have someone, Business analyst who will track processes, see what is repetitive, calculate savings, and than talk to you to see is it possible.

Usually companies that are staring with automation, contact some outsourcing company, who explains everything for managers, do several POC etc…


Thank you sir!