Use of Dictionary

I have a Dictionary<String,Int32>. I want order by asc or desc. Then I want to access to key and value of position (0) of my dictionary. Finally a want modific this value

Hi @dgonzaco

Check this

Dictionary of Int32, List<Int32>, sort each list and store back in dictionary


Hi @dgonzaco

I have attached the file which sorts your dictionary based on the value.
This is done by converting all values into a list, sorting the list, and then insert the key value pair into a new dictionary based on the list.

If you want to access the first key value of your dictionary, you can use a for each item and a break activity. Similarly, if you want to replace a value, you can assign dictionary(item.Key) = item.Value

Feel free to clarify any doubts.

SortDictionary.xaml (9.3 KB)


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