Accessing Values in Dictionaries


Is it possible to access a value in a dictionary based off its key? I have the key value and need to add a value to the “value” section of the dictionary. An additional problem I have is that there are multiple dictionaries in a list and I need to access the list and then access the key in the designated dictionary and then add a value to that dictionaries “value” section. Is this possible and if it is what would the expression to derive the value look like?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Hi @Sahil_J_Patel,

Please refer this Xaml:
UpdateDictionaryInList.xaml (22.8 KB)

For Reproducing your scenario, I have created list of dict(string, object) using excel file.
Each sheet will created as dictionary, In Each sheet Column A will be Key and Column B will be Value.

Please refer this Excel:
MultiSheets.xlsx (13.9 KB)


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