Use of Add log fields if No Orchestrator

Hi what is the use of add log feilds if I dont have to connect to orch

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of course we can use ADD LOG FIELDS activity even if we dont have orchestrator
then where to check that log added newly
for example
–first use a WRITE LINE activity and pass any string and run the sequence
–we can see that output in the output panel
–double click on that output string which will show a window there we can find the log fields

–once after using ADD LOG FIELDS with your custom field and its value if we run it will be seen in the next writeline activity or any activity we use
like this

so the use is we can create our own CUSTOM LOGS which we can refer in the logs and also in robot execution logs

Cheers @KarthikBallary

can you send any link how to deploy project to Git from uipath studio. Is it available in rpa academy

here you go


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