Use local number format for VB functions

When I read a number as text, like “100,10” I can’t use CINT to convert it to an Integer.

With comma: CINT(“100,10”).ToString -> 10010 Wrong result
With dot: CINT(“100.10”).ToString -> 100 Right result, but wrong input.

But in Excel VBA it will work out of the box, e.g. Debug.Print CInt(“100,10”) -> 100

So it seems like UiPath is not using the local number format as default.
Is there a way to change this in the settings or something?

My workaround is to import System.Globalization and assign:
Convert.ToDouble(“100,10”, new CultureInfo(“no-NO”))

Why dont you use replace function to replace comma by dot?

strNum = “100,10”
intNum = cint ( num.replace (",", “.”))

this should work


I’d prefer if the functions worked as intended. this goes for date fields also.

It should work and it will work.

Your method works but it would be better to not have to do the workaround. There must be a config to set location, so the functions work as in Excel.