How to save 4000 or 8000 or 10000 or n value as integer value in uipath as int32 is giving issue of " not a valid value for Int32." Please help

What should be data type here of that variable?

Error given by Orchestrator:

P.S> I am not asking to convert strng to integer. For e.g I am taking Get text activity and reading int value on screen but when it’s reading above 999 it’s throwing this issue.

I think that’s comma issue as 4,506 has comma that’s why.

Can someone help on that!


check it-

CInt(“4000”)… Try this

This will convert string to integer


Check this article->


You can directly store 4000 into a int32 variable. Can you share a screenshot of the error?

hi @anjasing


this will basically convert string to an integer


@anjasing Try removing comma(,) and check the results

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BUt it will come in form of comma only in system. I can’t remove that


Try -

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comma is working

But would recommend to trim the value as it comes from get text

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tried the same from my end and it worked

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