Use datatable on other workflows


How can i use datatable on other workflows without saving it ?

I did i scrap the data, which is saved on a variable, but later when i call that variable, it has nothing on it ?

Hi @mz3bel,
Can you explain little more the actual scenario?
Or can you share the xaml file

If you’re passing information between two workflows you need to use an Argument. Variables are limited to the scope they are created, so the other workflow doesn’t know or care that the variable exists.


Hi @Vashisht

I have a sequence where i used scraping data, which i store on “myVar” and didn’t save it on any file.

Than i have an other sequence, which i use “myVar”, but the variable is empty…


I used arguments. What do you mean by variable doesn’t exists ?

Bro once please check the scope of the variable, I guess the scope of that variable may be only in that sequence

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i’m using the variable as argument…?


As @Vashisht said you should check the scope of your variable. If the scope is limited to the first sequence then the variable will be deleted from memory once that sequence ends.

So i checked, and checked and checked again.

I even put an “For Each Row”, it shows me the data, what doesn’t work is the assign.

Because i use myVar = myVar.Select(“something”).CopyToDataTable()

@Palaniyappan some help please

This can be due to many reasons
Fine, lets check one by one
–first as other suggested make sure that the scope of that variable myVar is set with whole sequence in the variable panel
–and i think the statement used is one among them, as there is some syntax issue
myVar = myVar.Select("[yourcolumnname] = ‘valueyouwant’").CopyToDatatable()
–or if the variable is used between different workflow and called using invoke workflow we need to use arguments --kindly let us know if we are going by this or not no issues go for the first two suggested points

Cheers @mz3bel

I use the variable as argument, the thing is that i wokrs with the assign activity, but once i use the assign activity i get empty var…

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