Is there any way to reuse variables from previous run?

Suppose i have workflow WF1 which runs for 10 minutes and gives a datatable dT as output.
And I have another workflow WF2 which takes dT as input.

Now when i run the whole code, the program works fine. But if I want to make changes in WF2, after making the changes, I have to run WF1 to get the dT which takes 10 minutes every time!

I can instead can write dT somewhere and read it at the beginning of WF2 which will make it easier. But is there anything like an ‘environment’ in uipath where the value of a variable will be stored and can be reused in the next run?

You can export the datatable to excel file and re-use in the another workflow.

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You can use a variable in Main workflow and assign the required datatable to it and you can send it as input to WF2

if and when needed you can update the value of that so called global variable


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