Use Add Collections every invoke Flow?

Now I use Add Collections in every invoke Flow.

But value from before invoke flow not pass to second flow.

Please guide me about it.


Make sure you have use arguments with OUT type and used them in those add to collections activity as a output variable

So that you can get those argument even outside the invoked workflow and pass to another workflow

Cheers @fairymemay

@Palaniyappan Yes, I have out argument.

But I assign as below in every invoke.

Out_ExceptionList = new list (of systemException)

I not sure , this way true or not.


Well if the out_exceptionlist is a argument of type List of SystemException then what you have done is right

But make sure that out_exceptionlist is a argument with OUT Direction


@Palaniyappan yes.

But in another invoke flow

I assign Out_ExceptionList = new list (of systemException) too.

If you want to receive a argument in another workflow it has be with IN direction

If you are giving out then it should be OUT direction

So in your case if you are trying to receive have it with IN direction


@Palaniyappan Oh, okay I want use IN/OUT in this case.

But should assign outside invoke flow right (Before invoke workflow) ?

Out_ExceptionList = new list (of systemException)

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That’s optional

If you want you can have a assign activity and it’s variable

But when you are trying to define a variable for a argument dont create that variable with name as out_exceptionlist

Just create with name exceptionlist

Else bot will get confused between the variable name and argument name

Cheers @fairymemay

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