In/Out arguments values from Business Exception scenario

Hi Team ,

I have a code where Im using a datarow as in/out argument from a process workflow. For this data row even if there is a business exception Im getting the data outside the workflow. But I have another variable which I need to check that is being nullified if there is any business exception.

Both are defined in the similar fashion but one is coming with populated value & one is being null.

Pls help me what is the way of getting the variable out from the workflow even if there is a business exception without passing it in the business exception message log.

What type of variable is it? Only reference types preserve the value upon exception - this means List, Dictionary, DataRow etc.

Hi @Ana_Patricia

if both are In/out arguments and are being sent in and out of workflow then they would still have the value,
but in case it’s just out argument and an error occurs or if there are data modifications being done in that XAML, you would have to send that argument values in the Exception statement,

new BusinessRuleException(“MEssage”+yourVariableName)
new Exception(“MEssage”+yourVariableName)


can you share the screenshot how you are throwing business expection

which condition you are using


Hi @Ana_Patricia ,

One of the ways mentioned below :

But we also see that you do not require it to be present in the Business Exception Message (Suggested is not but it does used the BusinessException class to pass data within it.)