Use a copy of datatable inside the reframework


I’m trying to use a copy of my input datatable inside the reframework, when intialising it. Actualy I need to delete the rows that have been succefuly processed. So I call the copy of the datatable inside the transaction succes. And try to delete each processed row. BUT somehow, it detects the original database and delete the data from it ! What logic is that, how can manage to that ?

Ps: i need to work only on the copy of the original database

Any suggestions please ?

if you just assign the datatable from one variable to the other variable there will be a link between. You habe to assign a copy of the datatable.

I think it was something like: dt.CopytoDatatable

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Bizzare, i can’t find dt.CopyToDatatable, only dt.Copy


Use can use Filter Wizard


In the 1. Original DataTable, 2. Deleted Datatable

Give your condition below, according it will remove the rows and output 2nd table

Here you can work with the Deleted Datatable

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I need to copy a datatable with all contents to an new one…

then try


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Doesn’t work, i used DT.Copy

Cheers All

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