Usage of Save Image in VB Code

Hi all,

i need to know how can i use save image via v.b in invoke code?

  • Cannot use activity(obligation) :frowning:
  • I’m taking screenshot via code and assigning a image variable


Hi @Kuki_Force ,

Based on your message i assume that you are using take screenshot activity in UiPath to take the screenshot. please confirm this step.

i think we no need to use any code to save image in the local disk. we have the following activity Save Image used to save the extracted screenshot into the desired path. the input parameter would be screenshot output variable from the take screenshot activity and output would be the desired file path where do you want to store the image file. please find the attached link for your reference.


Cannot use activity(obligation) - just wanted to understand are you using UiPath to automate this task.



Hope the following helps you.


Dim img As UiPath.Core.Image
img = UiPath.Core.Image.CreateFromScreen(New Rectangle(0,0,1024,768),Nothing,Nothing,Nothing)


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