Usage in Config at list.add()

Hi all,

I have a problem with list.add part. I have a list and i want to use like that => my_list.Add(Config(“Value”).ToString)
When did like this i got error message object to string conversion error.

NOT : I have more than one list and value. I need to use this type of syntax etc.

How can i solve this problem?

Thank you.

Hi @Kuki_Force ,

Could you show How you are using this Expression in the workflow ?

Also Could you specify the Datatypes of list ? Is it List(Of String) ?


I’m using vb invoke code and my list is type of string.

There is no activity. I’m handling vb net via invoke.

NOT : my_list.add(“value”) this works.

Thank you.

Hi @Kuki_Force

You can try with append item to list activity

Checkout this video


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@Kuki_Force ,

In that case, Could you show us the Screenshot of the Arguments provided to Invoke Code Activity ?

Hi @Kuki_Force

check this

code :- in_myList.Add(in_Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString)

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Thanks for responses guys. @supermanPunch @Sudharsan_Ka

Yes it worked thanks. This is what i forgot my code :frowning: my bad :slight_smile:


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