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Hi. In my workflow I read mails and in mail body there is a table. in left column is file description and in right column is file link but in format like “file_name_no-no_no.csv” which is the link that I have to open in browser so I can download file. How do I select the link that is in name format?

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Can you post mail.body and mail.htmlbody? It is only 1 link per email right?

I cant share data but it looks like this

your file link is here:


Ok. Then I would regex the mail.htmlbody to extract the link. mail.body will not contain the link.

Could you please explain how do I do that?

use the matches activity. set mail.htmlbody as input. create a regular expression which matches the URL. I cannot help you with that without the html body of the mail. Can’t you anonymise your content? you can replace foldernames/mailadresses with fictional names.

Got it. I just needed to change in regex to url. Thank you!

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