URL Column empty, problem with Data Scraping | Preview Data

Hello all, I’m posting this question again, but this time I will be more precise.
So, I have a list of auctions ordered by countries.
First of all I need to do is to scrape URLs, which turned out very confusing for me.
So, this is the list of auctions ordered by countries and header of the page where all auctions are :

Header :

When I click, for instance, on Germany (02.12.2019), header looks like this :

So, apparently, getting url is not as easy as, for example, amazon, which was pretty clear and easy to get url.
I’ve tried to find src or href attribute while Inspecting Element, but there is none of them.

So, the question is, how to find all URLs from the list above?
Thanks in advance.

Preview Data :

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As you know, when you get a URL, you need to get it from some attribute. Usually href, but the attributes may be different. You need to find the URL attribute from the site’s HTML source.


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