Data Scraping - Relative URL

Hi Team,


Please find the above.

I am not getting the full URL on the url column. I was getting it earlier.
But now am not getting it, When I browsed got to know that this is a relative url and finally I may need to add the 1st half of the url to it.

What should I do to get the full URL in the url column to the attached screenshot here.
Kindly help.Thanks!



Hi @Hariprasad

This is happening for me as well for many data scraping scenarios. I haven’t find a way to get the full url from the browser scraping itself. However, the best option that I have come across for this is to add the first part of the URL separately as you mentioned.

What I do is I have a for each row activity that assigns the first part of the string which I pass in through an argument to the scraped part of the url.

It works fine for me…


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