Urgent Help Enabling Multi tenancy in enterprise Orchestrator V2019.10

Hi All,

We have Enterprise Orchestrator V2019.10.15 running on Azure and we need to enable multi-tenancy.

I followed this documentation and I edited the config file Tenant.Registration.Enabled = "true" and restarted the Application but I still cannot see the Become a Tenant on the login page as stated in the document. (Please note, i noticed the document dates back to 2017 but i could not find any recent or updated document relating to the creation of tenant)

the below image shows the config file settings related to multi-tenancy:

The below image show the login page after restarting the Application (Orchestrator)

I figured it out.

I followed the steps the below doc:

So to access the tenant page, you need to login to the host tenant using the credentials that were provided to you by the UiPath team when you purchased the license.

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