UiPath Orchestrator: Become a tenant does not exist



Hi all expert,

I have a problem after install UiPath orchestrator, there is no Become a tenant button on the Orchestrator log-on page and I cannot create new one.

Then I googled the phenomenon and found one post below but it does not work…

Does anybody know something 'bout this?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Jumbo, I see that you tagged my post and I think I know what might be happening to you.

What version of Orchestrator did you install?

You see, when I was setting up orchestrator for our production environment, the 2018.x version did not show the become a tenant button (even with the right flag value in the config file)

So, what we did was uninstall that version, repeat the process with version 2017.x, register the tenant and then upgrade to 2018.x (without recreating the db)

I hope this works for you as well.




My version is 2018.3 so I guess you right. I will get old version and try it.
Thanks for your information!!




This is just FYI, but finally I found the option to show “Become a Tenant” button AFTER I logging on… That means, I assume the feature that we could create tenant before log-on was not intended by UiPath, in other word, that was bug and fixed in 2018.x version.

Anyway, if you need to make tenant with 2018.x version, you need to ask customer support to get host tenant password. (Or a possible case, create tenant with 2017.x version and update to 2018.x might be work. I didn’t check it anyway.)




You said you find become a tenant button after you logged on. Can you be more specific, or share a screenshot?

Thank you



At first, you need log on to tenant: host. I don’t think I can share either user id/ password but below solution should be work for you. (lol

hope your good luck,


Hello, I found on the forum the default password of admin on host.
From that, all becomes easy.

Thanks for your time