Upload to GDrive in cloud robot failed due to Authentication

Hi, i have given access to gdrive for account that is used by bot to upload files into it, but when tested to run in cloud vm:

Use Google Drive: Authentication attempt took longer than 90 seconds to complete, and was cancelled.

but for Use Gmail activity with same account it is able to send email without any authentication issue.

how can i configure the settings for this when bot is running on cloud?



What type of authentication are you using?


am using service account authentication. the json credentials has been provided in project. pls note that sending email with this authentication has no issue, only when using GDrive.

pls advice.


Then while enabling did you add gdrive as well please check the documentation …or provide access to gdrive as well


Try to change your default browser to Google Chrome/Edge/Firefox.

If not, in Internet Explorer disable the Enhanced Security Configuration or follow the instructions from the message box.