Upload file to Dropbox and overwrite

Respectfully request if anyone has had any trick to upload a file to Dropbox and overwrite the current file? I have a process build out that creates pdf daily and they need to overwrite the current Dropbox files with the same name. I tried using the DropBox.Activities package but that just lets you upload. Doing this creates a new file with a (x) after the file name where x is the next sequential number starting at 1.

I then tried using an invoke code request following his video: UiPath download and upload files to any website via (HTTP request) - YouTube. That returned errors with the ByteArrayContent.

I am able to get the code to work when using the Dropbox API explorer, but when I try to convert that to an HTTP request in UiPath nothing happens. I don’t even get an error code. Below is the HTTP request from the explorer.

POST /2/files/upload
Host: https://content.dropboxapi.com
User-Agent: api-explorer-client
Authorization: Bearer ####token
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Dropbox-API-Arg: {“path”:"/something.pdf",“mode”:{".tag":“overwrite”}}
Content-Length: 156762

— (content of new file.pdf goes here) —

Is there a better way to upload a file to dropbox and overwrite the file? I tried going through the GUI and it would not overwrite that way either.

Thank you for your time,