Upload Excel File into Queue - UIPath Apps

Hi All,
Need your support as I wont to upload Excel file from Apps into Queue I found that in FilePicker there is rule called add to queue so kindly advice how i can do it by Add to queue rule or any other way thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@mahmoud.zaky ,

File type is not supported from apps to queue. You can store the file into storage bucket and then you can add queue data using file name or some unique generation key . Once queue is added .

You can read the file from storage bucket into process.


Hi @Arvind_Kumar1
So i can not upload directly to Queue i need first to upload to storage bucket then download file and work on it or there is a way to add file data into queue directly from storage bucket without downloading again.

is there is any way to know the full path of the file when user select it on apps ?

Thanks in advance.

@mahmoud.zaky ,

No , you can’t store directly from storage bucket to queue.

You can store full path in some field and save it into data service or add into queue property.