Updating data in a datatable without using for each

Hey guys,

I have datatable which looks like this


What I am trying to do is append the data in column “Value” data with “;300:_”.
Ex: 1625399;300:_
There are some values with alphabets in it as well which needs to be removed.

I can use for each to do it but I am trying to avoid that as there are almost 50K rows in the datatable and data coming from multiple sources. I am thinking of using LinQ to do it but I am not that good with the queries :frowning: .
Can you please help me with it :slight_smile:


Hi @Devbrath_Rajkhua,
Kindly check the below link


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how can I update the value (empty the value) in a specific column, when the value begins with “88”?

Thanks for your help.


If you’re still searching to an answer or if anyone comes over this post:

You need to used WHERE in the LINQ expression.

In your case: WHERE x(“ColumnName”).ToString.Contains(“88”)