I want to update SQL tab dynamically. The tab contain columns “numCin” and “statusBCT”

So I extracted the tab into data table, automated the process, and after completing the process,
I want to update column “StatusBCT” = OK per line.

Here is the syntax i put for the query but does not work:
“UPDATE TLFTestTable SET [statusBCT]=‘OK’ WHERE numCin=’+Cin+’”

What’s the solution? thanks,

Are you getting any error?

Can you share the columns datatype in the SQL table and the variables datatype you are passing in.

hi @Youssef

use SQL Query and use execute Query and pass the syntax

ashwin S

Actually I want to update the status column without any condition

The tab is like this:

numCin    statusBCT  

1 4785474
2 4756217

I want to update statusBCT with the value “OK” after using the first numCin line value