I want to extract a tab from SQL.

Use that tab to extract data and automate app.

FOr each line, if the operatioj succeed, i want to update “STATUS” column in SQL with the value ‘OK’.


to do this we can use uipath.database.activities from manage package and install it from official tab
–once after installing use EXECUTE QUERY activity and pass input with sql statement mention between double quotes and get theoutput with a variable of type datatable
–now use a for each row loop and pass that datatable as input
–make changes as you need
–then again use EXECUTE QUERY activity and use DELETE Statement for that table and delete the same set of records obtained in previous step
–then use again a EXECUTE QUERY activity with INSERT statement and mention the datatable as input

hope this would help you
Cheers @Youssef

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what if I extract the output in an excel. Can I make a condition where column SQL=Row(‘x’). to string in excel ?


yah thats possible
as you said input been taken from a sql table i suggeted the above steps
Cheers @Youssef