Update month in mmm format from dates in excel

Hi everyone,

My requirement is i have an excel with 5k records with many columns
and i have two columns in that

‘service reference date’ and ‘month service reference date’
service reference date column has dates in dd/MM/yyyy formats and month service reference date column is empty

I need to update month in text form ‘MMM’ for that month service reference date column for all the 5k records

Can u suggest me how to do this linq query since for each will take long time to process
@Palaniyappan @ppr @Yoichi
Thanks in advance

Have look here for the different options
How to Update Data Column Values of a Data Table | Community Blog

We would recommend starting with the Filter and Updating within For each approach. Kindly note: it is about the workload/operations per row and not the for each XX per se, when we decide for/against for each XX activity. We used for each XX for updating a datatable column within ranges of Mio’s datarows and it was working performant in an acceptable manner as well

@ppr can u help me on how to use that above expression in linq query pls