Update data column with date

HI All,

I have data table DT with column name “New_Date”. Now i want to update entire “new_date” column in DT datatable with tomorrows date. Can you please tell if this is possible with linq queries. In other words

i would like to have something like this in linq only

update DT set “new_date”=now.adddays(+1).tostring(“mm/dd/yyyy”)


Can you try this:

This will help you to get Date in “New_Date” Column and add 1 day to it , but if you want to update it with tomorrow 's date then - in place of Value please write - DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

Hope this helps.


Well, I m able to achieve it through for each. I would like to understand how to do the same in Linq.

Hi @Pavan_Gunda

Check this.

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