Update Latest Version of UiPath StudioX

Dear Community,

How do I update UiPath Studio to the latest version?

I am using version 2021.4 community version and it has not given me any prompt for updation

Also there seems to be no provision for the same

I downloaded the latest community edition, but when I tried to install it asked me to upgrade the previous version


@aditya.pikle wait.

Hi @aditya.pikle,

To download a particular version of Studio, please try this link with a version number that you wish to download: https://download.uipath.com/versions//UiPathStudio.msi

Hope this helps.

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Ashwini Kempraj

please check these steps.
without uninstalling UiPath you will get latest stable/bet version


This is what I am seeing. There is not activation id and no channel to select from


From the screenshot we can see it is an enterprise installation that you have done…

Go to control panel uninstall it and then go to orchestrator and download the studio mai file for community and then try installing it


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I have uninstalled the previous version and installed the latest version and above is the screen that I am seeing - It says Community Edition Enterprise License

I had to re-create some processes as they were giving errors with the new installed UiPath

Now after re-creating the processes, I am getting errors in using it on another machine using the nupkg file as well as copying the folder

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