Update format of Datatable without using for each

Hello me trying to update format of values in the column of a datatable. particularly change date from dd/MMMM/yy to MMM/yyyy. appreciate if someone can help me this through assign activity (linq). Thanks

Hi @ZARA_Clark_Vincent_M,

Check this link

thank you…reading the link it seems that it still uses for each

Can you send a sample excel file?? @ZARA_Clark_Vincent_M

Hi @Manish540
just a simple table, containing a column date, to change the format from mm/DD/yyyy to MMM yyyy

Hi @ZARA_Clark_Vincent_M

Have a look to the below thread :-

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Try using BalaReva.Excel.Activities Change Cell Type, for the cell use “B:B” for whole column. This works without calling an excel scope activity. This package has awesome excel activities that do not need the scope activity.

BalaReva Change Cell Type

sorry this is for excel files only (I was reading another post)

Thank you for all the responses, i agree that using balareva excel activities will definitely do the trick. However, i am more on learning and understanding the using linq. Hence, i am quite confused on when can i use …Select (Function(x) Convert.todate(x(“Columnname”)).ToString(“MMM/yyyy”)) and end it to a CopytoDatatable