Update Extracted data to excel file

Hello All,

I am working on extracting data from invoice & update the extracted data to excel.

I need to Update the excel file as below format,

Note - Single invoice pdf contains multiple invoice number & container number
Booking # column has the value that will be occurred only once.

Kindly, Help me in updating the excel in this format.


If pdf is coming up with same format then it can be read with PDF activities and written to excel with write range

Are we facing any challenge in reading the pdf or with writing

Cheers @nithya

Hi @Palaniyappan , Thanks for reply

I am facing issue while updating the excel with the above format.

For one pdf it holds multiple Invoice & Container number, But Input date & booking# column value will be one for one pdf.

Under one booking# I need to add all the invoice & container number.

I am unable to update them in this format