Update column value without using for each row

i have one excel file with 3 Sheets.

Raw= Raw Data with multiple columns and rows
updateColumn = With all the columnNames of Raw Data and Default Value
Output= Output Sheet

i would like to know how to update the column Values of Raw data as per the default value
mentioned in the UpdateColumn.

without using for each row. as the Raw data consist of 50K line items.

please check the sample output for reference.

please assist

Excel.xlsx (14.2 KB)

Hi @Sumit_D

Can u try the below code in invoke code activity with langauge type as c#
dt1.AsEnumerable().ToList.ForEach(x =>{
x(“Category”)= “Foods”;
x(“Product”)= “Goods”;

where dt1 is the datatable variable passed as an argument In/Out to the invoke code

there are multiple ways you can achieve this without using loops

using invoke code activity:
dt.Columns.Add(“Column3”,GetType(String), “value”) <<< this creates a new column
dt.Columns.Item(“ColumnName”).Expression ="‘value’" <<< this sets values of an existing column

using Excel (if you have cell range handy or calculated)