Update column value in CSV file

Hello All,

I need to add data from web to CSV file column. but to write cell in CSV option is not there.
how to update status in CSV file. which activity to be used & packages also?

CSV columns

where i want to update “PO_Num” column value.

Hi @priyankamalusare,

  1. read csv - resultDt
  2. in for each row (resultDt)
    if row(“PR_NUM”) = 3670281
    Then Assign row(“PO_Num”) = “Your_PO_Num value”
  3. write csv


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Thank you so much it worked fro me :).

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Hi Dear,

My data is getting updated in correct row & column of CSV file. but i am also getting some extra columns attached in CSV. can you please suggest on this also. i am facing this issue after writing the CSV . values in CSV headers (column1, column2, column3…) i dont know from where this columns are coming


can u share ur input excel sheet with dummy data and expected results in other sheet… i will try to implement…

or else share your xaml



Hello Dear,

1)test.csv - file contain actual data with headers . (A-G). only 7 headers i have . i am updating column PO_Num & PO_Oracle_status in csv. which get updated using assign activty and write CSV file activity.

2)after using Write CSV file activty i got some extra headers in CSV file named as output.csv file

3)I just required (A- G) columns which are actual columns in CSV .

4)please note that i am not changing file name in xaml i have created two files now where in Xaml my input and output CSV has same name.
New folder.zip (28.6 KB)