Update Clear Sheet/Range/Table to provide options for values/formatting

Currently the Clear Sheet/Range/Table activity clears all values and formatting for the chosen range.

Would it be possible to add options to only clear values, only clear formatting, or clear both?

This would be a big help in our RPA as currently we are having to use Write Range to replace all values with empty strings so that we can conditional formatting on the range.

I know you posted this as a suggestion, but I was wondering if you already checked the Clear activity of the BalaReva library? BalaReva Easy Excel Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace
Not sure whether it matches your needs, but maybe it’s a workaround (in case you need any) before UiPath ever releases something in line with your suggestion. :slight_smile:

Hi Irene,

Unfortunately we have an internal policy to only use official UiPath packages.

At the moment we’re having to get round this by using a write cell for the range we want and entering “”, but feel an option within the existing clear range etc. could be useful :slight_smile:

Hi @p.laidler

Since when you are reading you store it in an datatable variable right. You can use Clear Data Table activity to clear all the data that you want.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Parvathy

The issue is that activity also clears all formatting. My suggestion is to update that activity to allow the option to only clear data, only clear formatting, or clear both, as currently it clears both which is not how we’d like to use it