Update an Activity Property for a checkbox using an Orch Asset - Best Method?

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Is there a way to update the highlighted property “IsDraft” (from Red to Green) within the “Send Exchange Mail Message” activity using an expression.

Currently I am using an IF Statement (see 3rd image) with two different sequences under Then and Else.

My question is: Is there a better way to toggle an Orchestrator Asset for a checkbox like “IsDraft”? Can I toggle from red to green without making two activities separated by an IF statement?



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Just give it a try below expressions.

           varMailMessage.IsDraft = True
           varMailMessage.IsDraft = False

Hey @lakshman

Thanks for you reply.

I have updated my post to explain my question a bit more :slight_smile:

How can I toggle between being the red and green highlights without using an IF statement (based upon an Orch Asset)?

Any ideas?