Passing Boolean to checkbox of activity - change checkbox to combo box to allow variable input

How do I pass a boolean to one of the following settings using a variable in “send exchange mail message” activity? Some times it needs to be HTML, other times not.

I’m using the activity as a part of a library i’m creating and would like to be able to pass an argument to the library.


Hi @Rasmus_J

The solution here would be to have an IF statement with two separate Send Exchange Mail Message activities within it, like this:

I see and that is what i figured, but since you have made it really easy to create library files I would recommend that you change check boxes to combo boxes so we can pass boolean variables to them on all activities that use check boxes today :slight_smile:

Using combo box with predefined True and False will also allow for variable input. This way there is no limitation and need to have the same activity twice or more depending on how many variations you need of a specific activity.

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Indeed, it is a nice idea. I moved your topic to Ideas category to help us track it better :slight_smile:
Feel free to make changes you see fit to the title/body of the first post to fit the new category that would pitch the idea even better (although the topic is already self explanatory).

I’ve change the topic a littlebit so it’s more precise.

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Thanks! We are really serious about gather feedback from the community. I cannot personally guarantee that the feature will be implemented in the very next release, but all input from the community is tracked, evaluated and placed on the roadmap by our developers :slight_smile:

Good idea, it is related with this: Access Activity Properties