Updata data from Database to Snow using API Post Method

Please Help me on the below.

  1. I have a few data which i have stored in Oracle Database. Now i need to update the data from Database table to ServiceNow by using API in UiPath Studio.

Please help me how to make the workflow for this requirement.

Thanks in Advance


To interact with database you can use UiPath.Database.Activity package


If not installed in your studio then Go to design tab → manage packages → all packages and search for the above one and install it

For servicenow interaction with api
Check this out to work on service now api with UiPath

Hope this helps

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Hello @Niyas_Kallamveettil

<!-- Prepare Data for API -->
<Assign activity here to create/update data to be sent to ServiceNow in "requestBody" variable -->

<!-- Send Request to ServiceNow API -->
<HTTP Request>
    <RequestUrl>ServiceNow API endpoint URL</RequestUrl>
        <!-- Add necessary headers, e.g., Authorization header -->
</HTTP Request>

<!-- Handle API Response -->
    <!-- Parse and handle the API response, e.g., check for success or error -->

<!-- Error Handling (Try Catch) -->
        <!-- Main workflow activities -->
        <!-- Handle errors, log or perform error-handling tasks -->

<!-- Logging and Reporting (Log Message) -->
<LogMessage Text="Update to ServiceNow completed with response: responseStatusCode" />

<!-- Cleanup and Close -->
<Disconnect activity here to close the database connection if needed -->

Thanks & Cheers!!!