Unziping files and pasting the total number of pan numbers under the columns

As shown in above image,someone guide me how can i do this basically bot will download the folder’s from a website daily the folder’s will be different different like someday it will get CAMS,KARVY
and someday it will get CAMS,KARVY,DOTEX,CVLKRA,BSE and someday 1 folder etc.This folder format is in zip.
So bot will unzip that folder inside that there are pan number’s so bot will paste that pan number’s count and total count under the folder’s name as shown in above image.
Bot will also paste the Pan number’s under the column of folder’s name.
How can i do this?

PAN numbers in your screenshot seems to be confidential information. If this is the case then please delete the attached image and reupload it only after masking all the confidential info.

@AkshaySandhu it is just a example i want the output in that format

Great! Can you also give a sample of zip file as well. We would like to see the structure of it.

It should paste it like this in the above image,user will run this bot daily and daily there are like 2 folder’s someday all folder’s like is the availability of the folder’s of CAMS,KARVY,BSe,dotex,ndml.

Attached test xaml can you give you fairly good idea how to start.
Test.xaml (13.3 KB)
Lets us know if you need any clarification or change in logic.

If you have Windows compatibility project (not Windows Legacy) then you can use Datatable extension provided by Loxifi to convert datatable to HTML table. Screenshot below


@AkshaySandhu ill try this and ill let u knw

@AkshaySandhu how can i paste this data in mail body…Because i want to send this to user


Error in assign

Check the value of str_extractPath variable. It is possible that its have null value.

@AkshaySandhu in extract path there are extracted folders CAMS,KARVY,NDML,CVLKRA inside that folder’s there are pan numbers zips

I have used invoke method

if possible, can you share the xaml files ?

@AkshaySandhu due to security reason of company i cant share any files

It is like this when it get downloaded from a website

Suppose your download folder is this C:\Users\<user ID>\Downloads
and you have extracted the files to folder C:\Users\<user ID>\Downloads\Extracted_Files
Now extracted folder looks like

In start assign this in test xaml that I gave you str_ExtractPath = C:\Users\<user ID>\Downloads\Extracted_Files

@AkshaySandhu yes i have created that a separate folder in my project named extracted files in that iam extracting all the downloaded zip CAMS,KARVY,NDML,CVLKRA

Then it should work just fine.
If not then upload the test xaml file again that you are using, I will have look.