Unstructured PDF to excel or csv

I want to extract Invoice No Buyer Name Buyer Address Invoice Date Due Date Sub Total CGST SGST IGST Total and Sl. No. Item Description Quantity Unit Price Amount from Invoice 1.pdf (436.2 KB) this pdf And stored to csv file. Please help me.

@Karunakara Will the PDF template’s be the same for all other invoices?

yes same

@Karunakara Then we can use regex to find all the required fields :smiley:

Can you send sample Bot.

@Karunakara Then send the sample documents and in that what data you want in excel

PDF TO Excel.zip (1.2 MB)

@Karunakara Sl No. , Description, Unit, Unit Price, Quantity Values are Having more than 1 value since it comes under a Table, So do you want the Whole Table to be Extracted ?

Yes Sir, But I don’t know how to extract. Please help me.

@Karunakara There’s an Activity called PDF to Excel , Using that You can Convert the Tabular Data to Excel, Package Name: FestSystems.PDftoExcel