Unknown Error when Creating Active Directory User

Hi there

I am trying to create an Active Directory user using UiPath Studio.
The user I’m using has access to manually create user accounts on our AD.

I’ve used an Active Directory Scope and a Create User activity within it.
I’ve followed various guides on getting this setup but no matter what I do I receive this error:
“Create User: An error has occurred: Unknown error (0x80005000)”

I’ve used other Active Directory activities within my project (e.g. Get Object Properties) and these run no problem, so I know my project can connect to my AD, but only the Create User activity is returning this error :frowning:

Has anyone else experienced this please?

Thanks for your help!


Check below link for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hi @Srini84

Thanks for sending this link across.
Unfortunately after reviewing the link it has not gotten me any further with the error.

Are you able to explain this further? I’m new to AD and UiPath.



Can you check if you are passing the required values correctly?


Hi @Srini84

I am passing in all values as required by the Create User step:

The user processing the request has permissions to create users in our Active Directory.
The location specified has been copied directly from the folder properties.

Other active directory activities are working perfectly fine.


Hi @bethj,

I am experiencing the same issue. Any luck on finding a solution?


Hi @steptornetta

Yes I managed to fix it by rolling back the Active Directory dependency package to 1.3.1.
This then stopped the error.

Hopefully that will work for you too?


@bethj - Yes! That fixed the issue. Thank you so much!

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