How to Create users in Active Directory

Hi guys

How do I go about create an AD account for new users. Basically the bot must poll for the information of the new users on the email and retrieve the details and use them to create an AD account for the user.

Please help me on how to build an automation solution for this problem in UIPath Studio.

Hello @Sandile_Mbatha ,

The good thing is that UiPath has already some predefined actions for Active directory.
You can use those, and for package description you can read here:

I hope t helps.


Thank you @wasea, I was using your reference and on the Active Directory scope there are some fields that I don’t understand and also for the “CreateUser” there are some fields that I don’t understand.

I have used the Built in AD Packages but I am getting errors because there are attributes that I don’t understand in the create User function.

These attributes are:

  • CommonName
  • Location
  • SAMAccountName

Please help me win understanding what is required in these attributes, if possible by a practical example.

Hello @Sandile_Mbatha ,

The settings you have in this package replicates the options that you have when you create an user in AD directly in the AD console.

Also, if you try to create AD users, means that you have access to an Active Directory console. Just create a new user and you will understand the fields.

For location:
Usually you shall provide the distinguished name of the Organizational Unit (OU) to which the user will belong to.

I hope it helps.


@wasea :

In User On boarding process, bot is accessing AD, Exchange server using these activities.
Normally accessing these applications require elevated privileges for robot account to run in AWS VDI’s.

To use these activities, which approach is best - managed service account or robot account (considering security as prime factor)?

is there any difference to use activities for managed service account or robotic account in user on boarding process?