Unknown click reason error

Hello Forum, Today i’m working on a automation that’s is basically compound of 3 loops.
And what happens is that on a click activity thats clicks the “Agente” dropdown list suddenly it throws an error. The tricky part is that happens in differrent numbers of loops. What I mean is that it an happen is the second loop, as it can happen until the 22 loop, for example.

Let me know what you think I’m missing. Thank you very much.

Hi @Luis_Fernando,

I’m pretty sure it’s a problem with page loading :slight_smile: You can add a delay before you can test it. If the problem is caused by this, this wait can be made dynamic.

Also the answer to this problem may not be simple. My suggestion for solution is to try it once by running this application in incognito mode.


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Hello @Luis_Fernando

Try to debug the workflow in a slow mode. Then check whether the issue is happening or not. If its working fine in debug slow mode, then better to use element exists or check app state activity before to the click activity.

As per the error, the UiElement is not loaded and its trying to click and causing this error.

Hi Friend

I would like to see the Selector to help better.
But I suggest you to check:

  1. If the Page charges as you want. You can add many differents options at the beginning of the Loop, for ensure that the Process starts when the Page is already loaded.
  2. Check if the Selector “Agente” does not contains any attribute related to the Dropdown Value. It is to common that the activity fails from the second loop when the selector change some attributes because of the first execution.