Click: The Uielement no longer valid

Hi all,

In one system able to (click) execute without any error. In another system not able to execute. How to resolve this issue. Please help me on this.


Use the retry scope activity, in the action give the Click activity and indicate the element.
In condition block give the element exist activity and indicate the element.

Give the retry count as 4 or 5.
After click activity in action block give the delay activity and give some delay.

Hope it helps!!

Hi, please check below:

  1. Changes in User Interface: When modifications are made to the interface of the application or web page, the elements you previously identified may become obsolete, as they no longer match the new structure.
  2. Page Refresh or Reload: If the application or web page is refreshed or reloaded, the attributes of elements may undergo changes, rendering the previously identified elements no longer valid.
  3. User Interaction Interruption: If the user switches to a different application or web page while the UiPath robot is in the process of interacting with an element, this may lead to the element losing validity.
  4. Deletion or Removal of Elements: If an element is deleted or removed from the application or web page, attempts to interact with that element will result in failure as it no longer exists.
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Adding to the above reply

Check the below workflow for better understanding

You can give the number of retries in the retry scope properties. Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

Retry scope is not a proper solution.

The issue here is that the interface is refreshing and the original object references are no longer valid. Without more detail about what you’re doing, we won’t be able to offer a specific solution. Could be that whatever you’re doing just before the click is causing the interface to refresh, and you’ll need to use another Use Application/Browser to reattach.

Can you tell if it is occuring at any specific click ?


Hi @postwick ,

Used attach browser inside that click added. Facing issue in click.