Unhide columns/rows if present in excel sheet

Hi Community,

Say for example i contain data in sheet from A1:C3

By performing some macro Operation in excel sheet, after the last column(C) and last row(3rd) of my excel data, there is a new data in(D column) and new data in(4th) row will be produced by macro operation and both of the new column and row are hidden in my sheet.
i want to unhide both of them.
How to do it?

Note: last column and row is dynamic.

Can someone send a .xaml file for it please?

Hey try this one

Dim xlApp As microsoft.Office.Interop.excel.Application
Dim wb As microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Workbook
Dim ws As microsoft.Office.Interop.excel.worksheet

xlApp = New Microsoft.office.Interop.Excel.Application
wb = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(in_Filename)

ws = CType(wb.sheets(in_sheetname), microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)

ws.Rows.EntireRow.Hidden = False

xlApp.DisplayAlerts = False
xlapp.Visible = False


Use this in a invoke code activity


Sreejith S S

How to solve this error?
Exception has ben thrown by target of invocation

Hey @GaneshPalaniappan please try this workflow
Main.xaml (4.9 KB)

The error occured will be due to sheet name mismatch or file name wrong
Please check if the sheet name and file name is correct.


Sreejith S S

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