Unexpected character error when calling self-build ML skill

After developing our own ML skill and uploading it to the AI Center, we receive the following error when calling it from Studio;

Post request with accessUri failed, error: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.

The skill works fine when testing locally on our machine, and was validated & deployed successfully on AI Center.

The input for the skill is a simple string in the following format;
[‘text’, ‘text’]. No < is used in the input/output, so the error seems quite odd to me.

Hi @Senne_Symons
Looks like an issue in the way you provide/handle input in your Skill, any chance you provide your main.py file? What input type did you select for your ML Skill?


Hi Jeremy,

My predict function is the following;

def predict(self, input):
        temp = json.loads(input)
        a = temp['body']
        b = temp['subject']
        df = pd.DataFrame({'body':a, 'subject':b}, index=[0])
        df = clean_df(df)
        X = tokenize(df)
        preds = self.model.predict(X)
        return {LABELS[i]: preds[0][i] for i in range(len(LABELS))}

When testing locally, it works as expected;

>>> m.predict('{"subject":"test","body":"test"}')
2021-09-24 08:38:55.806018: I tensorflow/compiler/mlir/mlir_graph_optimization_pass.cc:185] None of the MLIR Optimization Passes are enabled (registered 2)
{'aanmaning': 0.11007609, 'andere': 0.10001555, 'factuur': 0.78990835}

But when calling from ML Skill activity;

ok the issue is the output, function should return a string not a dict, you should use json.dumps of your current output.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the feedback! That fixed it. :slight_smile:

It’s my first time building a custom ML skill, so still need to figure a lot of stuff out. :smiley:

Awesome! No issue happy to see that you managed to create your first ML Package!

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