Under for each row

i am using a for each row for dt
inside that i am iterating the value and wants to add that to a list iam using add to collection but it save only the last value type is string

Hi @manoj_verma1

Check out the Video Link


@manoj_verma1 ,
Can you please provide a screenshot of your flow and the value you are getting?

HI @manoj_verma1

Correct me if iam wrong ,so you need add all the column values form one row to the collection.

if yes you can try this

use this as item in your collection


Attaching a sample workflow
Main.xaml (8.5 KB)


Row or CurrentRow as per the variable in your for each row in datatable

@muhamed_fasil @Sudharsan_Ka @Gokul001 @Tapan_Behera1

var = {“username” : “data1”,“rollcall” :" 2",“add”: “d2”,“address”: [{“street1”: "1blvd rd“,"house”: “b939”}]}
in this i am replacing few value and want to keep increasing same var type in this format var ,var …

@manoj_verma1 initialize your listVar to New List(Of String)
Testing.zip (1.6 KB)