Unable to add strings into collection

Hi ,

I am using add to collection activity to add strings one by one into list. But it replace newly added string. How to add string one by one to collection.

Check this.
How to work with a dynamic array.

Thanks for your reply.The link you provided is straight forward.
But i am reading data one by one and assigning to list. But every time old string replace by new one. And at the end last string in list only.

Add to collection activity not storing all string in it.

Yes @SandipRaut @ddpadil . Same issue i am facing right now.

I’m having similar problem. I’m have a data table with a single column. I’m using For Each Row and then Add to collection to add the values to a list.

What do I put in the item field?

Hi @SandipRaut/ @SHAISTA,

In order to get all values added to List, take out the List initialization step out of the Loop.
It worked fine for me after that.