Unable To Use UiPath Hotkeys When Trying To Indicate Elements

Why the hotkeys are not working when capturing an element (Esc, F2, F4...etc)?

Issue Description: Unable to use the hotkeys available within Studio (F2, F3, F4, ESC) while trying to capture elements.

Troubleshooting Steps / Solution:

  • Validate if the issue is specific to certain shortcut keys (like F2, Esc, etc..,) while using UiPath Studio or a machine keyboard's driver problem.
  • In some cases, defending software like anti-virus installed in the machine blocks 3rd party application (in this case UiPath components) functioning.

Root Cause: The Stormshield antivirus is blocking the hotkeys.

Resolution: It is recommended to include the UiPath processes into an exclusion list with the help of the local IT team.

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