Unable to use Mouse Scroll Activity

Hi Everyone,
I want to use mouse scroll activity to scroll right since there are few fields in the right which I need to fill. But the activity does not work because it does not include the headers in selector (Headers also moves when you scroll the bar towards right side). Can anyone help with that? Or can I fill the fields on the right side with any other method?

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Hi @Muhammad_Bilal2 ,

Assuming that you’re using Type Into Activity to enter the values into the Screen.

For typing into value which are not visible or are on the Right Side, Give a Try on Keeping the Simulate Type Property to True and Check if it works.


I am using Type Into and Select Item Activity. Does the option exist for Select item Activity as well?

Yes @Muhammad_Bilal2

Hey @Muhammad_Bilal2

Actually that should work by using click normally.

Did you try that please, before going for scroll method.